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I honed my proofreading skills through the Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course. When I read transcripts, I primarily use:

  • Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters by Lillian I. Morson

  • Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation by Margie Wakeman Wells

  • Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary, online edition

What Do I Look For?

The items I proofread for include, but are not limited to:

  • Misspellings, punctuation errors, and capitalization errors

  • Transposed, missing, and misplaced words

  • Correct contact information for all attorneys and interpreters listed

  • Correctly labeled exhibits

  • Proper formatting and spacing 

  • Missing or incomplete items (ex. certificates of oath, swearing-in statements)